Regulation of the telephone numbers in Serbia is under the responsibility of the Regulatory Agency of Electronic Communication and Mail Services (RATEL), independent from the government. The country calling code of Serbia is +381. The country has an open telephone numbering plan, with most numbers consisting of a 2- or 3-digit calling code and a 6-7 digits of customer number.

The country calling code of Serbia is +381.

An example for calling telephones in Belgrade, Serbia is as follows:

xxx xx xx (within Belgrade)

011 xxx xx xx (within Serbia)

+381 11 xxx xx xx (outside Serbia)

The international call prefix depends on the country being called from: for example, 00 for most European countries and 011 from North America. For domestic calls (within the country), 0 must be dialed before the area code.

For calls from Serbia, the prefix for international calls was 99, but was changed to 00 since 1 April 2008, in order to match the majority of Europe (e.g. for a United States number 00 1 … should be dialed).

Mobile telephony

There are three active mobile operators in Serbia and their calling codes:

  • Mobile Telephony of Serbia, styled as mts – subsidiary of Telekom Srbija – 60, 61, 68
  • Telenor Serbia – 62, 63, 69
  • Vip mobile – 60, 61, 68

Special codes

The following special or emergency telephone numbers are valid across the country:

Code      Service

11 811   Subscribers numbers

19 011   International calls

19 191   BIA (Security Intelligence Agency)

192        Police

193        Fire brigade

194        Ambulance

195        Exact time

1961      Telegram service

1976      Military ambulance

19 771   Landline phone technical support

19 811   Wake-up service

19 812   Various information

19 813   Landline phone information center

19 822   Meteorological data, lottery, liturgical calendar

1985      Civil protection (major accidents)

19 860   Military police

1987      Road assistance (AMSS)

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