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Samedi soir à « Skadarlijske Kafane »

On dit: quiconque n’était pas à Skadarlija n’était pas non plus à Belgrade, il est donc compréhensible que la reine Elizabeth, le roi Juan Carlos d’Espagne et la reine Sofia, George W.Bush, Willy Brant, Margaret Thatcher, Sandro Pertini, Alberto Moravia, Gina était hébergée ici, Lolobrigida, Bert Lankester, Tina Turner… Eux, ne comprenant pas la langue, […]

How can travelling in Serbia turn into a Rakija song

If you ask Nico (a Belgian globetrotter) what he likes about Serbia, this is what he’d say: “Rock n’ Roll attitude and Rakija” Back to mid-summer until mid-fall 2016, Nico and his friends went on a cycling journey through the Balkans including Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia, covering 4000 km. At that time he had no […]