Currency & Money

Main currency in Republic of Serbia is Serbian dinar (Serbian Cyrillic: динар, pronounced [dînaːr]; paucal: dinara / динара; sign: din; code: RSD). Banknotes of dinar are 10 dinars, 20 dinar, 50 dinars, 100 dinars, 200 dinars, 500 dinars, 1000 dinars, 2000 dinars and 5000 dinars.

You can see exchange rate of dinar or convert currencies on this link.

National Bank of Serbia prescribe which currencies are legal to exchange in Serbia and they are:

EUR – Euro

USD – American dollar

CHF – Swiss franc

GBP – Great Britain pound

CAD – Canadian dollar

AUD – Australian dollar

RUB – Russian ruble

DKK – Danish krone

NOK – Norwegian krone

SEK – Swedish krona

JPY – Japanese yen

HUF – Hungarian forint

PLN – Polish złoty

CZK – Czech koruna

BAM – Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark

HRK – Croatian kuna

KWD – Kuwaiti dinar

CNY – Renminbi

TRY – Turkish lira

BGN – Bulgarian lev

RON – Romanian leu

Currencies that you can exchange in every exchange office or bank for sure are following:

EUR – Euro

USD – American dollar

CHF – Swiss franc

Exchange offices that can exchange most of the currencies are:

Exclusive Change menjačnice

Menjačnice Trage-Frange

VIP menjačnice

Menjačnice Paris

Menjačnice Panter