It is said: whoever was not in Skadarlija, was not in Belgrade either, so it is understandable that Queen Elizabeth, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Queen Sofia, George W. Bush, Willy Brant, Margaret Thatcher, Sandro Pertini, Alberto Moravia, Gina were hosted here. Lolobrigida, Bert Lankester, Tina Turner… They, not understanding the language, and maybe even the customs, gladly accepted everything that was happening around them. Almost every place in this street has its own story to which many human destinies are connected.

If Paris is the capital of the world, Montmartre is the capital of Paris; if Belgrade is the crossroads of the world’s roads, Skadarlija is his soul. Skadarlija is a bohemian district in the center of Belgrade, and 20,000 people visit Skadarlija every day.

Skadarlija, which began to look like other streets in Belgrade, was reconstructed for the needs of tourism to look like Skadarlija from the beginning of the 20th century. Today, it is one of the obligatory places visited by foreign tourists. There are famous cafes: Three hats, Two deer, Golden jug, Two white doves, Velika Skadarlija, Ima dana… Skadarlija is also a place where you come to eat and have fun after the wedding. Of course, all local delicacies are on the menu of the mentioned cafes, and the legendary tamburitza players are inevitable, which certainly bring the atmosphere to a fever pitch. If you want to have fun in the old-fashioned Serbian way with a lot of brandy, good food and live music played by tamburitza players, then you must visit Skadarlija. It revives the spirit of socializing and cheerful nightlife, as it once was. The street, less than 400 meters long, managed to maintain its old look with cobbled asphalt, more or less identical facade and taverns that have stood on the same place for more than 150 years.

There is not much difference between Skadarlija in the 21st century and the former from a hundred years ago. Only people are different. Moreover, the number of visitors is growing every day, considering that Skadarlija is an indispensable city attraction today.