Through the romantic tree-lined avenue, you can reach Farm 137, above all known as a Pannonian oasis that exudes the authentic ambience of the Vojvodina farm. The atmosphere of the farm from the end of the nineteenth century has been carefully preserved. You will notice in every corner of the property a multitude of Vojvodina’s decorative deacons and furniture items that were once used.

In addition to the ambience, Vojvodina’s cuisine will not leave you indifferent. Salaš 137 is a restaurant of traditional cuisine near Novi Sad, where you can enjoy local food and drinks with ethno music from Vojvodina. Fans of good food will not resist Vojvodina gibanica, strudel with poppy seeds and walnuts, pumpkin, rolled veal, stuffed zucchini, as well as many other specialties.

Farm 137 offers peace, quiet, rest, pleasant atmosphere and is a great choice for a short vacation. Of course, if you decide to be a little more active, on Salaš 137 you can attend a riding school, engage in recreational riding or you can simply take a carriage ride through all that beauty of the plain.